MyBlogLog Error

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So if you can’t tell from the image below, I haven’t quite figured out how to get the MyBlogLog to work correctly. If you know what could cause the following error, please leave me a comment below. Thanks!

MyBlogLog Error

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  • Lorelle says:

    Hey, Sara! You might want to ask on the MyBlogLog forums for help on this. Asking on your blog publicly is shooting in the dark. I don’t have an answer, except that this is common and I’m sure there is an answer. And until you get it fixed, you might want to remove it as it isn’t pretty.

    Always ask directly to those who can help you best, setting a standard for others and keeping your blog’s content directly on subject – your subject. 😀

    It will also get you help faster.

  • Sara says:

    Thanks for the feedback Lorelle. I will definitely remove it until I can figure out a solution.

  • John Sampson says:

    Hi Sara,

    This is John from the MyBlogLog Team. This looks code relating to a PHP wrapper that was created by Raven SEO.

    MyBlogLog Widget install instructions for self-hosted WordPress can be found here:

    That should get the widget added correctly:) If you have any trouble, please let me know.


  • Sara says:

    Thanks John. I was only able to get the Reader widget to work. I ended up look at another person’s site to see how they used the MyBlogLog code and ended up with what you see to the right. It’s small and condensed. Not sure if it has the same full functionality as the widget, but good enough for now 🙂

    I don’t know if I was having trouble because I converted to WordPress 2.5 and the plugin was made before that? Something to look at another night.

  • John Sampson says:

    Looks great! That is our version 2 widget. The other code required an API key and is somewhat more difficult to configure.

    Very pleased the widget is working. Thanks for your support of MyBlogLog!


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