Don’t miss out on hearing the top internet marketers at…

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…the Warrior Event this weekend, April 11-13, 2008 in Austin, TX. Eric Louviere is hosting his first annual Warrior Event and I plan to attend. Mike Young, the internet lawyer, will be speaking on Sunday just before lunch. I can’t wait to share what he’s been up to along with all the other internet marketers.Keep an eye on this blog for updates this weekend. I’ll be sure to share the best points I gleen from these top internet marketers including…

  • Marlon Sanders
  • Willie Crawford
  • Dr. Mike Woo-Ming
  • Mr. .X.
  • Keith Baxter
  • Kevin Wilke
  • Marc Harty
  • Jordan Hall
  • Brian Koz
  • Michael Young
  • Craig Perrine
  • Gauher Chaudhry
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