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How to Make Your Bookkeeper Happy When Buying Products Through Amazon.com: Amazon.com Order History

If you order a lot of equipment, office supplies, etc through Amazon.com it can be difficult for your bookkeeper to figure out how best to categorize those items unless you automatically send them a copy of each invoice.

For physical products, there is a way around that by downloading your order history.  NOTE: This does NOT work for digital downloads at this time unfortunately (I’ve put the request into Amazon.com)

  1. Go to Amazon.com and log in
  2. Click on Your Account
  3. Under Order History, click on Download Order Reports
  4. Select Quick Set Option “Year-to-date” or choose the dates you want.
  5. Then click Request Report
  6. Wait for it to process then it will open dialogue box and open with MS Excel
  7. Save the file and then share a copy with your Bookkeeper.
Amazon Order History Report Request

Amazon.com Order History Report Request (For Physical Products Only)

In my case, since we use one Amazon.com account for multiple businesses and our personal purchases, I added columns to the right for business entity and account code/category.  This way my bookkeeper will know how I want it categorized.

How have you solved the lack of digital download history?

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