Facebook: Claim Your Name

Friday, at the Frisco Internet Entreprenuer Meetup, I learned that you can claim your name on Facebook to make it easier for your friends and family to access your Facebook account.  To claim your name on Facebook, click here.

A few warnings:

1) You can only claim one name so be sure to select well and double check for typos or spelling errors.

2) Your username is not transferable so don’t select someone else’s name to be funny since there will not be a way to transfer it.

3) The username must be 5 letters or longer.

To learn more about Facebooks Usernames, check out their help section.

Since my first name is only 4 letters and my married name is so common I stuck with the ongoing theme and selelected thesarayoung.  You can now get to my facebook account via http://www.Facebook.com/thesarayoung.

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