7 Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Use On Their iPad

I’ve recently gone to the dark side and finally broken down and purchased an Apple iPad after having tried out a notebook and a kindle. All my other devices are either PC based or Android based so it has taken me a little while to get up to speed, but I am really liking and learning to like the iPad even more each day.

As part of my adventures, I’ve been testing out various apps and below is a list of the top seven (plus a bonus app) that I think any business owner would Continue Reading

Customer Support: Kayako Blackberry App

For those of you on the go a lot and have decided to use Kayako’s support suite and have a blackberry, Craig Brass created a nice little blackberry app for Kayako that I’m testing out.  I don’t always receive the support notification emails so this is a great way to quickly and easily respond to customer support questions and affiliate questions.

To check it out, go to Cool App Lab.

Click here to view basic installation instructions.

If you are looking to download the trial on your blackberry without connecting to your computer first, open your blackberry browser, then go to to download the over the air version.

Once installed, you’ll need to open the Ticket Client for Kayako on Continue Reading