Customer Support: Kayako Blackberry App

For those of you on the go a lot and have decided to use Kayako’s support suite and have a blackberry, Craig Brass created a nice little blackberry app for Kayako that I’m testing out.  I don’t always receive the support notification emails so this is a great way to quickly and easily respond to customer support questions and affiliate questions.

To check it out, go to Cool App Lab.

Click here to view basic installation instructions.

If you are looking to download the trial on your blackberry without connecting to your computer first, open your blackberry browser, then go to to download the over the air version.

Once installed, you’ll need to open the Ticket Client for Kayako on your blackberry.  Select Continue Trial.

Click the blackberry button and select Accounts.

Click the blackberry button again and select New Account.

Enter the name that you refer to your support portal and specific login.

Enter the URL.  Be sure to include the You do not need to include the /staff/ at the end.

Enter the username you use to log into your support staff account.

Enter the password you use to log into your support staff account.

Escape out of the screen and click Save. Click escape until you get back to the main screen that says Ticket Client for Kayako at the top.

Click the blackberry button again and this time click Sync.

If you get the following error message, you’ll need to change your Kayako support config file.

Error: Session expired. Please disable IP session checking.

If you have questions, go to the support forum.  Craig seems to answer the questions well and appears to look for ways to improve his app which is always a good sign.

The only thing he could improve upon are his setup instructions as the ones on the support forum are more installation instructions.  I’ve tried to summarize the steps I took above to help you from having to spend too much time trying to find the answers you need in his support forum.

There also appears to be a forum on the Kayako site as well here:

Hope it helps!

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