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WishList Member with Full 1ShoppingCart Integration

If you use 1ShoppingCart and WishList Member and were disappointed when you found out that the WishList member integration with 1ShoppingCart was only Simple Integration, you’ll be happy to hear that with the new release to WishList Member v2.5, they now offer Full Integration with 1ShoppingCart.

What does that mean?  You no longer have to manually unsubscribe someone as a member when their credit card fails.  This is a huge time save.

A big thank you to the WishList member team!!

They still do not offer a directory plugin…so time to find one that integrates well with this new version.  If you have any suggestions on a good WordPress Directory Plugin, let me know in the comments below or via my contact form.  Thanks!

Easy to use Tag Cloud Plugin

Tag CloudIf you are having trouble, like I did (see the before image to the left), in getting the default tag cloud to stay within the column you’ve placed it in, then you should try a different Tag Cloud plugin.

I did a search and found a plugin called the Configurable Tag Cloud. I’m using version 4.1. Keith, the author of this widget, titled it “CTC” since Configurable Tag Cloud was too long.

As you can see to the right, now, my tag cloud stays within the column width of the right sidebar and looks a lot better. Thanks for creating the widget Keith!

I have yet to play around with all the other configuration options, although they look easy to use. Let me know how you’ve configured this CTC Plugin. What do you think of my sidebar now? Any other widgets and plugins you’d recommend?

MyBlogLog Error

So if you can’t tell from the image below, I haven’t quite figured out how to get the MyBlogLog to work correctly. If you know what could cause the following error, please leave me a comment below. Thanks!

MyBlogLog Error