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wordpressEverytime my husband and I go to an event we meet new people and learn a few things we didn’t know before.  We’ve attended several of the Frisco Internet Entrepreneur’s Meetup here in the DFW area run by Charles McKeever.  At the most recent meeting, I learned about several cool wordpress plugins that might help you too.

Flexi Pages Widget: This widget is much more friendly than the pages sidebar widget because it lets you include, exclude and group pages in a flexible and quick way.

WordPress Database Backup: The WP-DB-Backup plugin allows you to create a backup of your wordpress database so if you ever accidentially delete your content, get hacked or have an issue with your hosting company you can recreate your site content quicly and easily.

UserVoice: If you are looking for customer feedback this is a great little plugin that simplfies the process so you don’t have to add the code to every page.

For those who are eBay affiliates, several people recommeded phpBay Pro and Search2Post.   There is a lite version of phpBay that is free called phpBay lite while the phpBay Pro costs $79 (do a google search and you can easily find a 20% coupon for it).  Search2Post is currently $29.95.

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