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MyBlogLog Error

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So if you can’t tell from the image below, I haven’t quite figured out how to get the MyBlogLog to work correctly. If you know what could cause the following error, please leave me a comment below. Thanks!

MyBlogLog Error

Blogging 101 and 2008 Dallas WordCamp

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WordCamp DallasThis past weekend I attended the 2008 Dallas WordCamp where wordpress bloggers, enthusiasts and experts gathered to share and learn about wordpress. I met lots of enjoyable people who’s blogs I look forward to reading and who’s paths I hope to cross again in the future.

I’m a fairly inexperienced blogger. Up until this weekend, I didn’t really know much more than how to create and manage a post plus manipulate a little bit of the basic html code. Although, I quickly seem to forget the html code if I don’t use it often. But, that’s okay because I do know how to search for the code when I need a little refresher course. In fact, lately, I’ve just been going to HTML Code Tutorial since they do a great job of explaining how the code works with images (I’m a very visual learner.)

Despite half of the conference sessions being over my head, I still picked up a great deal of tips and suggestions. In fact, one of the best, tip filled presentation was Read More